Mountain climbers kid's minsitry

At Mt. Olive Church, we are dedicated to ensuring that your kids have the best experience possible!  Here are some of the ways that we're doing that...


Security is very important to us, expecially when it comes to our kids.  At Mountain Climbers, we have a state-of-the-art check-in system in which we can keep track of every child at all times.  In addition, we have trained volunteers who have underwent background checks and have come out clean.  Our check-in attendants ensure that process goes smoothly, we have security personnel who keep an eye out in the downstairs, and our teachers are trained in safety and security.  We have done all this so that you, the parent, can feel completely safe entrusting your child with us!


We offer three age appropriate classes for children from birth to 6th grade.  All of our teachers are trained in safety and security procedures, and are dedicated to helping your child grow spiritually in a fun and safe environment.

ANDES: Birth - 2 years

We have trained volunteers to provide care and supervision during the worship service

ROCKIES: 3 Years - Kindergarten

A fun and interactive setting that builds Biblical knowledge and character.

ALPS: 1st - 6th Grade

In an effort to start steering children to grow in their passion for Jesus, the Alps have a time fun, creative, energetic, and safe supervision.  Our Alps class works to join with parents in the process of raising spiritual children, and our curriculum reflects that.  You can keep track through take home papers, as well as social media.  After the service is over, parents can go and pick up their kids.

For questions on childcare, click here to email us!